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We Pray! We Learn! We Achieve!

Located in Portland, Michigan, St. Patrick Catholic School has been educating the minds and spirits of its students for over 100 years.  Our school mission statement contains just six words, six powerful words that are a guide for life:  We Pray!  We Learn!  We Achieve!

For more information about our top-rated preschool through 12th grade programs, please contact the school office at 517-647-7551 or e-mail Mr. Randy Hodge.


Morning prayers: 7:25-7:30 am & 8:45-8:50 am.  Please do not phone the school office during these times.

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(3/27)  Congratulations to Alumnus
Former Fowler head coach Neal Hoffman will be inducted into the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame in Ann Arbor on Saturday.  Neal is a 1968 graduate of St. Patrick School.

(3/26)  Mr. Hodge says....
Since Michigan State is playing in the Sweet 16 on Friday, all students may wear MSU spirit wear from the waist up to school on Friday, March 27 in place of their St. Patrick spirit wear.

(3/26)   Happy birthday to Leah, Riley, and Alex Kissane

(3/26)  It's a good time to join the Athletic Association!
This is an invitation to all Shamrock parents to seriously consider getting involved with the Athletic Association.  Spring is a good time of year to join, because the pace is a little slower, so it gives you a chance to see what we do before the hustle-bustle of fall.  

All parents are invited to join, but especially parents of middle school students.  6th, 7th, 8th grade parents---please come to the meeting on Sunday, March 29, at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall.  You'll be glad you did!  (PS  Members who attend 8 meetings per year and help with our activities are given a free family sports pass.)  AGENDA      DETROIT TIGER TRIP

Mr. George has uploaded a video about the 2015 March for Life that was attended by some of our students.

(3/24) There are only two test dates left before summer. Remind your students to register for The ACT® today!
March 27 is the deadline for the first test.

(3/23)  School newsletter is online (sorry for the delay!)
  • SPRING SURVEY  We are looking for your feedback on how this school year has gone so far. A survey has been created by the Diocese of Grand Rapids. Please take the time to complete this survey before Spring Break.  This will be the only survey we will be completing for this school year.
  • SHAMROCK AUCTION  The 2015 Shamrock Auction is fast approaching. We have many fun events planned for the night. Dust off those poodle skirts, shine those saddle shoes, pull out the Varsity jackets with pins, and grease that hair back! Do you need ideas for auction donations? We can do the shopping for you. We have several items that we need help with monetary donations for; should you be willing to donate to these, please contact Victoria Klein at 517-526-2113 or any of the Auction Committee members. 
  • NO SCHOOL HOLY THURSDAY  St. Patrick School will be hosting a staff development day on Thursday, April 2 (Holy Thursday). School will not be in session on this day so, Spring Break will begin at the end of the school day on Wednesday, April 1. 
  • EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  One of our goals is to provide more non-athletic extracurricular activities for our students. This year for example, Mr.Holman started middle school yearbook and Mrs. Winkler started Science Olympiad. We would like to bring back programs like our Rockbots program, and Chess Club but we need advisors for these activities. We would ask you to prayerfully consider serving as an advisor for these programs or if you have another program you would like to lead, please let Mr. Hodge know as soon as possible.

(3/18)  Bishop Walkowiak announces scholarship for new families
Bishop Walkowiak has announced Welcome Scholarships, which are now available to families in the diocese who do not currently have children enrolled in a Catholic school.  These scholarships range from $250 for preschoolers, to $750 for K-8 students, and $1000 for high school students. Please spread the word to your neighbors and friends!

Welcome Scholarships are limited in quantity and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additional scholarships are also available through our school and parish.

(3/12)  Dates to remember:
  • March 28: Scrap Metal Drive/Pop can drive
  • March 31: NHS sponsored Blood Drive in the Parish Hall
  • April 18: Shamrock Auction
Information on all events can be found on the calendar at the right.

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