Pastor Fr. Mike Alber
Principal Mr. Randy Hodge


Val Hynes-McCaul
Jenny Garcia

St. Patrick High School Staff

Subject Teacher Room Email
English Ms. Anne Bennett 217
English 9 Mrs. Erin Martin 214
Math/Theology Mr. Paul Osbourne 218
Math Mr. Terry Austen 200
Agebra I Mrs. Jan Simon 213
Social Studies Mrs. Kaye Sandborn 219
Science Mr. Jordan Smith 202
Theology Mr. Dan Rockey 220
Latin Dr. Laura Huggler 205
Personal Fitness Pat Russman 216

St. Patrick Middle School Staff

Subject Teacher Room Email
English Mrs. Erin Martin 214
Math & Religion 6 Mrs. Jan Simon 213
Science & STEAM 8 Mrs. Amber Ingraham 215
Social Studies Mr. Pat Russman 215
Religion 7 Mr. Paul Osbourne 218
Religion 8 Sister Anna Rose
Religion 8 Mr. Dan Rockey 220

St. Patrick Elementary Staff

Subject Teacher Room Email
Preschool Mr. Aaron Thelen 302
DK Mrs. Amy Weems 100
Kindergarten Mrs. Cortney Smith 114
Kindergarten Mrs. Stacy Russman 115
1st grade Mrs. Diane Simon 103
2nd grade Mrs. Mary Cook 113
2nd grade Mrs. Judy Fleischer 104
3rd grade Mrs. Joanne Goodman 112
4th grade Mrs. Khristie Cook 106
5th grade Mrs. Gayle Thelen 107

Special Subjects Staff

Subject Teacher Room Email
Phys. Education Mr. Brett Petit 122-123-203
STEAM Mrs. Judy Fleischer 104
Art/Technology Mrs. Erica Gorzen 111-109-211
Computers (1-5) Mr. Bob Powers 109
Music Mr. David Skeels 208

Other School Staff

Title Staff Memeber Email
Administrative Assistant Mrs. LuAnn Kinsman
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Janet Pung
Liturgical Music Mrs. Therese Jandernoa
Latchkey Program A.M. Mrs. Mary Thelen P.M. Mrs. Katherine Martin
Hot Lunch Supervisor Mrs. Audra Pline
Maintenance Supervisor Mr. Pat Heckman
Maintenance Mrs. Jane Finkbeiner
Maintenance Mr. Gerry O’Brien
Maintenance Mr. Dave Ward

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