St. Patrick Parish, School, and Athletics MEGA ROCK Raffle

Dear St. Patrick Parish and School Supporter, 

We are excited to kick off our second annual MEGA Rock Raffle. You should have received a mailing recently that included tickets to purchase or sell for this year’s raffle.  Printed tickets may be returned to the school or parish office and may also be purchased using our OneCause account at If you did not receive your tickets in the mail or additional printed raffle tickets are needed, they are available in the school or parish office. 

Raffle sales officially started on the OneCause website July 1 and will continue throughout the school year. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets has the special opportunity to “buy two tickets and get one free ticket” from July 1 through October 5. You may split tickets with other individuals and separate individuals can purchase one ticket but share the third (free) ticket. Winning tickets will be put back into the drawing each time, so it is possible to win multiple times. It is important to reiterate that all our stakeholders support this raffle as it will go a long way in supporting our parish, school, and athletic budgets. 

There will be four drawings with MEGA prizes being announced that will take place throughout the year. MEGA prize winners will be announced at the:

  • Fall Festival on October 08, 2023
  • Marriage Gala on February 10, 2024
  • Shamrock Auction on April 19, 2024 
  • Parish Festival on June 22, 2024

There will be cash prizes totaling $11,250 at each one of these events. The breakdown of cash prizes at each drawing are as follows:

  • Grand Prize: $5,000
  • 2nd Prize: $2,500
  • 3rd Prize: $1,000 
  • 4th Prize: $750 
  • 5th Prize $500 (2) 
  • 6th Prize: $250 (4)

There will also be a monthly drawing on the last Friday of each month for 10 months with one $500 winner per month beginning on Friday, September 29. One does not need to be present at any of the drawings to win.

If you have any questions about the MEGA Rock raffle, please contact Randy Hodge by calling the school at (517)647-7551 or by email at

(last year’s winners).

Fall Festival MEGA Winners:                                 Marriage Gala MEGA Winners:   

Lindsey Bos                         $5,000                     Jeff and Dawn Fedewa                $5,000

Dale and Carol Kramer        $2,500                     Noreen Logel                              $2,500

Chelsey Pung                       $1,000                     Brandi Bengel                              $1,000

Germaine Simon                 $750                        Dave and Marianne Kerr            $750

Tom and Therese Jandernoa   $500                    Roni Christmas                            $500

Allen Pline                           $500                        Stephanie Wambaugh                $500

Bob and Rose Mosser         $250                        Nick and Jenny Sandborn           $250

Brett Klein                           $250                        Kathleen Spitzley                        $250

Sandra Pearson                   $250                        John Schrauben                          $250

Cindy Brown                       $250                        Mary Ann Thelen                        $250

Shamrock Auction Winners:                                  Parish Festival Winners:

Ann Pelc                          $5000                      Mark Woodman                     $5,000

Rita Klein/Colleen Gladding  $2500              Marie Schrauben/Kaye Sandborn       $2,500

Karen Scheurer               $1000                      Brandi Bengel                             $1,000

Melanie Schneider         $750                        Arlene Thelen                             $750

Michael Hoppes             $500                        Doug Smith                                 $500

Natalie Spitzley               $500                      Andrea Kowatch                         $500

Monica Johnson             $250                        Dan Bengel                                 $250

Lisa Lehnert                     $250                      Rocky Beckhold                          $250

Kevin Schrauben             $250                        Patrick LeBlanc                           $250

Wayne and Marlene Dick       $250                Irene Braley                                $250

Monthly $500 Winners:

September: Keelie Honsowitz                            February:    Wayne and Marlene Dick

October:      Barb Austen/Kathleen Waldron     March:        Brandi Bengel

November:  Ann Schneider                                April:           Jane Gross

December:  Karen Scheurer                               May:            Tony and Elizabeth Kolarik

January:       Don Gross                                       June:           Stephanie Wambaugh

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