July 7, 2021 9:00 pm

Summer Music Festival. A Festival designed to provide some basic music training will be held at St.
Patrick Parish from July 13 to July 30. The Festival is open to all interested
students 6th grade and above.

Participants will meet twice a week, Tuesday’s and Friday’s to learn rhythm,
solfege (do, re, mi …) and music notation, while having fun singing what they
learn, there is still time to participate.  At the Festival closing ceremony
participants will sing the Gloria from the Mass of St. Ann in Church (about a
5-10 minute performance) we hope you can join us.

The Festival will be held outdoors unless it rains in which case it will be held
in one of St Patrick’s facilities which has enough space for appropriate

Instruction will be given by St Patrick Director of Music, James
Tavadze. E-mailjamestavadze@portlandstpats.org