Ministry of Caring (EMHC for Homebound)

A Minister of Holy Communion is called to serve the very “life of the Church, the living Body of Christ.” EMHCs are entrusted with “administering the Eucharist, [and] with taking Communion to the sick.”


Ministers of Hospitality welcome people to the church at weekend Masses. They represent the intent of our parish community to welcome and embrace all who come to share prayer. It is part of our effort to become a more welcoming parish. The goal is to make sure that nobody enters through our church doors without being welcomed by someone. If you consider yourself to be a friendly and welcoming person, whether you are single, married or have a family with children, we need you!


Ushers take up the collection, seating late comers, and recruiting volunteers for taking up the gifts. More importantly, this ministry is to be “the Hands of Christ [extended] to the living Body of Christ,” – opening doors, smiling a greeting, lending assistance to those in need.


Sacristans provide the vital service of preparing the sanctuary and church for the celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy, and assisting the deacon and the priest as needs arise.

Linen Care

Volunteers take soiled linens (soiled with remnants of the Precious Blood and Sacred Host) home for laundering and ironing. This may include purificators, corporals, hand towels, albs and/or altar cloths.

Art and Environment

As a sub-committee of the Liturgy and Worship Committee, this faith-filled group is dedicated to the set-up and decoration of the Church environment in order to enhance our Eucharistic celebrations for the various Feast Days and Seasons of the Church year.


Ministry Schedules-

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