Faith Formation Newsletter-September 2021

2021-2022 Faith Formation Registration Form

“Education is a family matter, parents and teachers must collaborate openly and constructively to form children in core values which enable them to face modern challenges”–Pope Francis

Faith Formation for the 2021-22 school year will be conducted at home with parents. This is open to all students grades DK through 8th grade. Families will be using the “Spirit of Truth” curriculum for instruction. The fee this year is $25.00 PER STUDENT. This can be mailed in or dropped off to the Parish office, be placed in the office mailbox, or in the collection baskets in church. Make sure it is clearly marked for Faith Formation. A registration form will need to be filled out and submitted when registering students(see form above). Textbooks are available at the Parish office and can be picked up during business hours of T-F 9-4 once the registration fee is paid.

Faith Formation Curriculum At Home

This outreach ministry program is directed toward children 4 years old through eighth grade. Children’s Faith Formation will be conducted at home with parents overseeing the “Spirit of Truth” curriculum.

Parents will encourage and guide their students into a deeper love and understanding of our Catholic faith.

Along with learning the Catholic faith, parents will teach their students to live it! Students can take part in service projects such as visiting the home-bound, making greeting cards, caroling, doing yard work, and group projects like food drives, assisting at soup kitchens and visiting nursing homes.

Contact Lori Thelen

(517) 647-6505 EXT 419

 Sacramental Preparation Requirements

Preparation for the Sacraments of First Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation will take place at home with parents utilizing the “Signs of Grace” and “Chosen” online programs. Each course has it’s own outline for students to follow and keep track of their progress. At the end of each course, students will acquire a “certification of completion”. Both Sacraments will be received in the spring at the end of their second or eighth-grade year.

Parish Office:

(517) 647-6505