How You Can Get Involved!

There are numerous opportunities for parents to be involved at St. Patrick School.  By volunteering at fund raising events, helping out with the athletic programs, joining

parent organizations or helping out in other ways, you can enrich your own and your child’s educational

experience.  The paragraphs and the links below are just a few of the opportunities that are available, or call the school and see what else you can do!

My Coke Rewards

Donate your Coke points to the school account, and we can use the points to purchase various items (i.e. glue, pencils, basketballs, jumpropes).

St. Pat’s School Account

Clip and Save Items

The school collects the following labels:

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Tyson A+ Labels

Turn them in to the school office!


Boxtops for Education

Please continue to help our school and your children collect Box Tops.  Ask family, friends and co-workers to cut out and save Box Tops.  These little labels make a big difference at our school!

  •  Each Box Top is worth 10¢
  • You can find Box Tops on over 270 participating products
  • Several stores offer bonus box tops when you purchase items that supportBox Tops.  Watch for these promotions at your favorite store.
  • Visit for on-line bonus Box Top contests and more!


Each time you search the Internet or shop online at one of the participating stores, a donation will be made to Portland St Patrick Catholic School at no cost to you!  Complete information is available at  In the search box, enter Portland St. Patrick School, to access the school account.  Download the Goodsearch toolbar and you can easily use Goodsearch as your internet search engine.