Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, a student must successfully complete 24 credits of course work and satisfy the following course requirements:

  • Theology 4 credits
  • English 4 credits
  • Math 4 credits
  • Science 3 credits
  • Social Studies 3 credits
  • Computers 1 credit
  • Art 1 credit
  • World Language 2 credits
  • Health .5 credit
  • Physical Education  .5 credit
  • Personal Finance  .5 credit
  • Career Development .5 credit
  • ACT/SAT Prep  .5 credit
  • Electives  *2- 4 credits*


*Electives complete the remainder of the coursework. Electives may include art, yearbook, creative writing, Spanish III, German III, and Dual Enrollment.  Elective offerings may vary each year.

Credits from a program outside St. Patrick High School must receive prior approval to be counted toward graduation. The current course offerings are available in the school counseling office.

At the conclusion of each year, students’ transcripts are reviewed to determine if they are on track for graduation requirements. If necessary, students must repeat classes they have failed in order to fulfill graduation requirements.