Alumni Scholarship Fund

Each fall since 2008, alumni of St. Patrick School have been asked to make donations through the Annual Alumni Appeal. Proceeds of the appeal are used to provide tuition scholarships to families who are experiencing temporary financial hardships.  Because of the generosity of our alumni,  an average of 28 students each year are able to continue their education at St. Patrick School.

Making a Donation

Thank you to all alumni who have responded to our annual Alumni Appeal.  Donations can be made through Online Giving or mail  your donation to Alumni Appeal, 140 Church Street, Portland, MI 48875.  Thank you!


Shamrock Newsletter

Twice a year, in April and October, the Shamrock Alumni Newsletter is mailed free of charge to all St. Patrick alumni.  If you have information that you would like to be included in the next issue, e-mail the Editors.  Deadline for submission is March 1 for the spring issue and September 1 for the fall issue.

These issues of The Shamrock can be opened and read online.  

St. Patrick School Open House

Sunday, March 1,2020

12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

If you are looking for a school where prayer, learning, and achievement go hand-in-hand, please stop in for a visit!  Or, if you cannot make it to the open house, please call us (517-647-7551) to arrange a personal tour.

School families—be sure to invite your family and friends to come to the Open House!  We Pray! We Learn! We Achieve!