Great Lakes Scrip Program


Helping to make Catholic education a reality for your family!

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How does scrip work?

St. Patrick Parish participates in the Great Lakes Scrip Program. You create an account; then
through the program you buy gift cards to use when you shop or as gifts When you buy a gift
card through Scrip, the merchant partners rebate a portion of their profit back to the Parish.
Fifty percent of the rebate remains with the parish the other fifty percent can be used toward
one of the following:

  1. Tuition Credit
  2. General School Operations
  3. General tuition assistance
  4. St. Patrick School Athletic Association
  5. St. Patrick Parish Grounds
  6. St. Patrick Religious Education

For example, a gift card with an 8% rebate means that on a $25.00 purchase, the Parish will receive $2.00! You still receive the full value of the gift card.

The savings add up fast!

Statistics show that if you use Scrip JUST for groceries and gas, you can earn over $300 per year.  If you use Scrip for dining out, home improvements, online shopping, etc. that number can easily double.  If you enlist grandparents and others to buy scrip and direct their earnings to your account, the sky is the limit!

It's easy to do from home or on-the-go!

  • Scrip Now: e-Gift certificates are available immediately using the PrestoPay or Credit Card payment options. They can be printed out or downloaded to your phone and used electronically.
  • Reloadable Cards: Buy gift cards from our Scrip Program; then reload them on-the-go!
  • Presto Pay: No need to write a check. Funds are transferred electronically!
  • MyScripWallet: Manage orders, buy ScripNow® and reload cards on your phone!

Remember, when you use scrip, you aren’t spending any extra money.  You are simply putting your regular household shopping dollars to work!

The bulk of the discount – from 2 – 15% or more – is divided between the purchaser and St. Patrick School.  As the purchaser, your half is applied as you designate, toward your child’s tuition, tuition assistance program, the Athletic Association, Youth Faith Formation, etc.   Participating merchants are constantly being added; percentages paid fluctuate.  Check the Great Lakes website for current and accurate information.

Ready! Set! Go! Sign up with these easy steps!

  • Go to  Great Lakes Scrip
  • Click on REGISTER
  • Our code # (case sensitive) 7A4F6C3B186
  • Create a user name and password
  • Enter your own personal information
  • Click on REGISTER, and you are done!

Sign in and begin shopping!

  • Sign in with the information from your new account
  • Click on SHOP
  • Click on merchant logos to see what they have available
  • Click on BONUS REBATES to see promotional bonus rebates
  • Add items to your cart

Do it all on your phone by using My Scrip Wallet!

  • Sign in at
  • All registered gift cards and Scrip Now will be in your wallet and ready to use
  • To add an icon to your phone screen, sign in first then:
  • Chrome: Tap menu button>Choose Add to Home Screen
  • Safari:Select up arrow>Choose Add to Home Screen

If you have signed up for Presto Pay, you are finished.  If you do not have Presto Pay, you can pay for your order when you pick up your cards at the parish office.

Orders placed by 7:00 p.m. on Monday will be delivered on Friday.

Contact us

  • Coordinator:  Julie Wight
  • Email:
  • Phone:  517-449-6597 (call or text)
  • Complete information about the Great Lakes Scrip Program is available on their website:

Friday, March 13, 2020



St. Patrick School is not in session until further notice due to the Governors ordered shut down.

While the school building is closed during the Governor’s ordered shutdown, we will continue with the education of our students via Google Classroom online (grades 6-12) and weekly assignment packets (grades K-8).

There will not be a pick up or drop off of educational materials on Monday, March 30.
Elementary students have received work to extend through April 3rd.  Secondary students will continue to receive lessons via Google Classroom. We hope students will be able to turn in all completed work when school resumes on Tuesday, April 14. Please note that teachers will not be sending any coursework or lessons during Spring Break.