Understanding how important it is for our students to be involved in activities outside the academic realm, we offer athletics and many extra- and intra-curricular activities and encourage them to paticipate.   Activities vary from year to year, therefore, we request that you call the school office if you have questions about current activities.  You can also contact the school office (517-647-7551) for additional information (phone numbers for activity leaders, etc.).


Shamrock Athletics

In order to participate in athletics, students must have a current physical examination card on file in the school office.  Students must be attending classes full-time, demonstrate good academic standing and appropriate conduct.

St. Patrick is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and the Central Michigan Athletic Conference (CMAC), and abides by all of the rules of the two organizations.

ElementaryMiddle School Sports:
  • Football (5-8) — ??
  • Track (7-8)
  • Basketball-Girls & Boys(5-8)
  • Volleyball (5-8)
High School Sports
  • Baseball
  • Basketball-Boys
  • Basketball-Girls
  • Bowling
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Volleyball



Extra-Curricular Activities

Elementary/Middle School Extra-Curricular
  • Basic First Aid Training/CPR
  • Drug/Alcohol Resistance Education (DARE)
  • Drama Club (3-8)
  • Lego League Robotics (K-8)
  • Middle School Student Council
  • Sanchin-Ryu Karate (K-8)
  • Big Rocks/Little Rocks (K-8)
  • Chess Club (3-8)
  • Science Olympiad
  • Shamrock Art Attack (6-8)
  • Portland Federal Credit Union Student Branch
  • After School Bowling
High School Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Student Council
  • National Honor Society
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Homecoming
  • SFL (Students for Life)
  • German Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Sanchin-Ryu Karate
  • Lego League Robotics
  • Drama Club
  • The Rock Pile
  • Big Rocks/Little Rocks
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Campus Ministry
  • Liturgical Music Group (Choir)
  • Yearbook
  • Shamrock Art Attack
  • Portland Federal Credit Union Student Branch