About St. Patrick High School

We are very proud of our high school!  Portland St. Patrick is the only high school in the diocese which is fully supported by a single parish.  Our students consistently score the highest of any other school in the area on standardized testing; 100% of our students graduate and over 98% of them go on to college.

Interesting facts about our most recent graduates, the Class of 2019:

  • 13 of the 25 students are members of the National Honor Society.
  • 14 were recognized as CMAC Scholar Athletes, meaning they had at least a 3.4 GPA and lettered in at least two sports, one of which was in their senior year.
  • 24 out of the 25 plan to go on to higher education with one student taking a gap year before going to university.
  • Three have signed a National Letter of Intent to participate in college athletics. 15 are graduating with honors (3.79 GPA or higher) with six of those having a weighted 4.0 GPA or higher.
  • 24 have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • They were offered a total of $786,430 in scholarship money. (Average $31,457 per student)
  • They have accepted approximately $534,295 ($21,372) of that money from the schools they plan on attending in the fall.
Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is provided by Portland Public Schools.  If you have questions, please contact the bus garage at 647-2993.

High school students who will be riding the bus should contact the bus garage to make arrangements.

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch Service is provided to St. Patrick School through Portland Food Service by Chartwells.  Hot lunch will begin on the first full day of school.  The cost for high school students is $2.85 per day.  Cold lunch students can purchase milk for $ .60.

Each child has their own computerized lunch account. Cash or checks may be applied at any time to this account. Please make checks out to Portland Food Service (PFS). Middle/high school students should bring their money to the cafeteria.

Absence Reporting Procedures
When your child will be absent from class, please call the school office no later than 7:15 a.m. for middle and high school students.
  1. Students who must leave school early must obtain a pass from the office prior to the start of school. Parents must provide written request, stating the reason for early dismissal before the office staff will issue a pass. Students who leave for an appointment and return before the end of the regular school day must report to the office upon return. Information regarding early departure and time of return will appear on the daily attendance log provided to teachers. When entering or leaving the building at other than regular times, students must sign in and out in the office.
  2. We do encourage parents/guardians to arrange their vacations so they do not interfere with the regular school calendar.
  3. Absences will be considered unexcused if the guidelines are not followed, in which case the student will receive a zero for all work missed. Absences must be verified by 9:00 a.m. the next day or the absence may remain unexcused.

Prearranged Absence Form


Grading Scale

A     93-100
A-    90-92
B+   87-89
B      83-86
B-    80-82
C+   77-79
C     73-76
C-    70-72
D+   67-69
D     63-66
D-    60-62
F     59 and below
P     Pass
EX  Exempt
I     Incomplete
I – Upon receiving an “I” or Incomplete, students are granted a two-week period in which to complete the work for a course, upon the approval of the teacher and the school administrators. Unless the work is completed within the two-week period, the grade that the student receives is the grade they earned for the marking period.

Friday, March 13, 2020



St. Patrick School is not in session until further notice due to the Governors ordered shut down.

While the school building is closed during the Governor’s ordered shutdown, we will continue with the education of our students via Google Classroom online (grades 6-12) and weekly assignment packets (grades K-8).

There will not be a pick up or drop off of educational materials on Monday, March 30.
Elementary students have received work to extend through April 3rd.  Secondary students will continue to receive lessons via Google Classroom. We hope students will be able to turn in all completed work when school resumes on Tuesday, April 14. Please note that teachers will not be sending any coursework or lessons during Spring Break.