We Pray! We Learn!  We Achieve!


The primary goal of St. Patrick School is to support and encourage our students to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition.  Prayer and Christian morality are part of every class, every day.

Just as Jesus invites all to come to him, our doors are open to all families who are looking for an educational alternative for their children, one where God is embraced, not marginalized.

If you are looking for a school where prayer, learning, and achievement go hand-in-hand, call us today for a visit!

We Are Family!

At St. Patrick School we think that building good kids builds a good world, and we’re doing our part, one child at a time.

Kids love going to St. Patrick School where they are part of a school family that brings generational values and support to their 21st century lives.  They enter as preschoolers and stay within the same building until they graduate.  This means during the formative middle-school years they have one less transition to make because they already know the teachers and staff.  Through our student mentoring program (Big Rocks Little Rocks), every young student is assigned to an older student mentor, and that mentor helps guide them for the next six years.

Parents love being a part of the St. Patrick School family because they know that their children are cherished, as children of God, while they are being educated.  Christian values are fully integrated within our curriculum and extracurricular activities.  There is never a doubt that their children are safe and cared for.


Our staff loves working at St. Patrick School, where Jesus joins them in the classrooms. Strong parental support and high expectations provide classrooms where children love to learn and teachers love to teach.

A Catholic education at St. Patrick School is a priceless gift that keeps giving.

Admissions Information

St. Patrick School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, color, religion, or national origin in the admission of students.

Enrollment forms, tuition contracts/letters, and financial scholarship forms can be found on the Tuition Page.

Additional Information

See additional information on the About Us page.