St. Patrick Parish and School continue to seek out new ways to meet the financial needs of our parish, school, and athletic programs. One of the new ways of trying to fund these programs is through a new raffle that will begin after Labor Day, this is the St. Patrick MegaRock Raffle.

This new raffle will replace the weekly sports raffle, the Fall Festival raffle, the Parish Festival raffle, and the large Shamrock Auction raffle. Instead, we will have one annual raffle where the tickets will be sold for $500 each. The goal is to sell 1,000 tickets which will help fund our parish, school, and athletic programs.

There will be four drawings with MegaRock prizes that will take place throughout the year. Drawings will take place at the:
● Fall Festival on October 15
● Marriage Gala on February 11
● Shamrock Auction on April 21
● Parish Festival on June 24

There will be cash prizes totaling $11,250 at each one of these events. The breakdown of cash prizes at each drawing are as follows:
Grand Prize: $5,000
2nd Prize: $2,500
3rd Prize: $1,000
4th Prize: $750
5th Prize $500 (2)
6th Prize: $250 (4)

There will also be a monthly drawing on the last Friday of each month for 10 months with one $500 winner per month beginning on Friday, September 30.

Raffle sales will begin immediately after Labor Day with the special opportunity to “buy two tickets and get one free ticket” from September 6 through October 9. Winning tickets will be put back into the drawing each time, so it is possible to win multiple times. It is important that all our stakeholders support this raffle as it will go a long way in supporting our parish, school, and athletic budgets. Printed raffle tickets will be available for sale and there will also be an option to purchase tickets online. You do not need to be present to win.

If you have any questions about this new raffle, please contact Randy Hodge by calling the school at (517)647-7551 or by email at randyhodge@portlandstpats.org.

Click the link above, or scan this QR code to purchase your tickets.

Mega Rock Raffle Link