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Shamrock Scholarship Fund

Each year, alumni and friends are asked to donate to the St. Patrick Shamrock Scholarship Fund.  The proceeds from this appeal are used to help provide tuition scholarship for families who are experiencing unplanned financial hardships.  To inquire about receiving assistance from this fund, contact Randy Hodge at St. Patrick school office or Sister Anna Rose at St. Patrick Parish business office.

Monsignor Zerfas Scholarship

Msgr. Herman Zerfas left money in his estate to establish an annual scholarship of $500 for a St. Patrick student who plans on attending a Catholic College after graduation.  The recipient must have a strong scholastic record, exemplary character, and have a reverence of the Catholic Faith which would make Msgr. Zerfas proud.  The scholarship was established in 2012; it is administered by the Father Flohe Foundation.

Marie Leik-Slowinski Scholarship

Marie was born August 15, 1900, graduated from Portland High School in 1919, and attended County Normal and Ferris State College. She was a practical nurse, long-time rural school teacher, and taught elementary school at St. Patrick’s in the 1950’s.  She married her long-time sweetheart, George Slowinski late in life. They died 10 days apart in July, 1989. 

The Marie Leik-Slowinski Scholarship is awarded each spring to a graduating senior who demonstrates good study habits, steady improvement and hard work to achieve.   The scholarship is administered by the Father Flohe Foundation.

LaJoy-Pung Scholarship

The LaJoy-Pung Scholarship is presented each year to a student who demonstrates excellent academic achievement and will be attending a four-year college or university.  The scholarship is administered by the Father Flohe Floudation.

Foundations and Memorials

If you would like to set up a scholarship, memorial or foundation to honor a loved one, or to make a donation to any of the existing funds, please contact Principal Randy Hodge at (517) 647-7551 or randyhodge@portlandstpats.com or Sister Anna Rose  at the business office (517) 647-6505.   It is also possible to donate to any of these funds through Online Giving, a convenient and secure site that is easy to use.

Father Flohe Foundation

The primary function of the Father Flohe Foundation is to keep Catholic education available to the people of St. Patrick Parish and surrounding communities by funding some of the school expenses.

For complete information about the Father Flohe Foundation, please visit the web page.

Suzanne Crosby Foundation

At the end of 2008, a sizable bequest was given to the parish from the estate of Sue Crosby.  The only stipulation was that it be used for youth in the parish Youth Ministry program.  Because of Sue’s love for the youth, it seemed most fitting to set up a special Foundation in her memory so that her bequest could benefit Youth Ministry in the parish both now and in the future.

An account has been established with the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan which is a Diocesan Foundation.  Each year the interest will be disbursed, but the principle will never be used.  This fund will assist youth who would otherwise be unable to attend special events in the Youth Ministry program.

Curtis' Corner

Curtis’ Corner is located in the library at St. Patrick School.  It is a story time setting dedicated in memory of Curtis Schmitt, son of Craig and Cathy Schmitt.  The memorial contains an area rug, bookshelves with a variety of books, and other items donated or purchased through donations by his family and friends.  A beautiful grandfather clock, handcrafted by his grandfather, Gordon Walkington, completes the story time setting.

Curtis was a very outgoing, caring, generous and giving child.  He was always sharing his candy and toys with anyone that was near.  Curtis loved to make people smile by telling a joke or handing them one of his hand drawn pictures.  His specialty was drawing rainbows and giving them to anyone near, whether that person be a stranger or not.  Curtis loved to watch and play sports; hockey and baseball being his favorites.  His passion of bringing home library books and being read to is what developed Curtis’ Corner.  Curtis passed away June 21, 2000, just after graduating from kindergarten at St. Patrick School.

St. Patrick Parish Foundation

St. Patrick Parish Foundation was established in the mid-1990’s to fund special educational opportunities.  Those opportunities can include not only the school, but evangelization, adult education, youth ministry and children’s religious education as well.